Friday, March 25, 2011

~olfactory delights~

I have read that smell is the closest thing we have to bottled time travel and it could not be more true. I can hear a song or see a picture and it will take me back to certain time, but there is nothing quite like remembering through smell. A hint of Mom's First perfume and I immediately feel warm and loved. A whiff of Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male cologne and I am back at a bar in college in a sea of too tight v-necks and menthol cigarettes. The current scents I am loving...

my patchouli oil. I keep this tiny bottle in my pocket. everytime I feel nervous I dab some on my wrists. I know it is offensive to some, but I LOVE this smell! it reminds me of my one awesome high school dread which was styled after my big sister's. patchouli has a wonderful calming effect on me and I never get sick of it.

our Voluspa candle in Soleil. this takes me back to when we first moved into our current home. our baby was not quite 5 she is not quite 5 years. (but already planning out her 7 year old, 8 year old and 9 year old birthday parties)

Lush's Handy Gurugu hand lotion. this one is creating a memory. I keep it by our kitchen sink and the smell is so unique that if I ever came across it again, it would probably take me back to doing dishes...or some other fun activity :)

our glass cleaner I find myself using on EVERYTHING. it reminds me of cleaning up after dinners at my in~laws. it's clean and sterile smelling...makes me feel like I live in a hospital... a mental one, maybe.

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Kristen said...

I'm an official follower!! No more creepily stalking this AND I can leave insightful comments. Like how much I love your girls.