Tuesday, April 19, 2011

cake mistake(s)

do you know how to spell 'Emily'? you probably do...unless you're the guy who made this cake:

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not to worry. just a little dot on that lower case 'e' and we should have been none the wiser.

while sitting here on this cold and rainy Tuesday, I came across some more cakes worth familiarizing yourself with...

for all you Dora fans out there. *please note that this is the manager's special. uhhhhhh....

not only does Peter have to suffer the embarrassment of generic train characters, but now there is no mistaking that he is the reason no one in class can bring store bought treats for their birthdays...only fruit snacks for this class.

I can't imagine a sweeter cake than one with butterflies pooing all over eachother.

I am scurred. seriously scurred.

kids just seem to love this Thomas character...and that makes him VEEEEERRRRRRRY AAAAAANNNNGRY.

...hope your Tuesday is sweet!!

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Emily said...

very cute.