Tuesday, April 26, 2011

end of Easter and (hopefully) ever looking and feeling as bad as I do in pic #2

typically when a holiday or event I've been looking forward to comes to an end, I find myself super sad, but this Easter was much different. it all started on Saturday.
the vigil was beautiful. the music was incredible, and our AMAZING friends Doug, Steph, Mr. and Mrs. Walker surprised us by showing up to support me. it meant more to me than they will ever know (oxo) and I can't thank them enough. so I had great friends, Mother as my sponsor
and Father, Chi and Magee all there beside me. (Babe had to stay home with the girls as Mae was still not doing well) it was perfect...almost perfect.

Saturday afternoon I could feel something was coming on. I was achy and getting chills and I knew I was in for something not fun. during mass I was weak, didn't want to be touched, felt like I was going to pass out....I felt pretty bad, but I was SO looking forward to Easter the next day. I hoped that after I slept I would be ready for mimosas and celebrating with the fam...

Sunday morning the girls were up early and ready for our egg hunt. it didn't go totally as planned, but they were excited with their new gifts~ which is ALWAYS uplifting and kinda made me feel better...or so I thought. while trying to get one of the toys out of the crazy packaging, Babe told me to go lay down because I was "moaning and groaning." ooooookay. 'nough said. done and done.

15 minutes later, I was up and we were rushing to get out the door and over to Mother and Father's. we wanted to get Eenie down for a nap there and were trying to stop her from falling asleep at home. I was starting to feel worse. as we came down the street, we passed Bill and J.Pat on their way to church. this is a good sign. it means people are up and I was hoping that once I saw everyone and got a drink or bagel in me I would be ready to throw down. ehhhhhhh. I poured a beer, took one sip and knew this Easter was not going to go as I had planned.

after resting on the couch for an hour or so, Magee told me to go up to her bed. Mother and Father walked Mae and Birdie down to the park and Chi took charge of Eenie. it is always hard for me to ask for/accept help with the girls. I know how difficult it can be and for a little minute I felt bad about taking a nap. I felt like: why should they have to take on this responsibility because I am sick? but then I realized: this is family. this is what we do. whether it be now when I need help with my kids or back in high school when Chi or Magee would call someone and ream her for hurting my feelings, my family has always ALWAYS been there to support me in any way I needed. and I need them a lot.

so, I accepted: this Easter will be a bit different. I went home earlier than I expected. I didn't eat anything that I was looking forward to. the thought of a mimosa or a beer made me sick to my stomach. this holiday was just. plain. different. but in a way, it was better. the realization that my family will not only help me in any way, but actually WANTS to help really hit me. each and every one of them stepped up and allowed me to rest and relax. it was wonderful.

Monday. I was even worse. picking up the baby was excruciating, and by the afternoon I was stuck on the bathroom floor. throwing up and blacking out every time I tried to get up...gross and awful...it was terrible. this is when Mother came in. she took the girls upstairs to play and allowed me to get in bed (yet again). Mother.

today. still feeling ill and so is poor Bill. we are convinced we got it from one young Mae. Mother was unbelievable and spent the day with Bird and the accused Mae Mae. Eenie took a nice long nap while Bill and I convalesced on the couch laughing and watching reruns of Millionaire Matchmaker
and now I'm starting to feel a little better. I am convinced it is because of the time my family allowed me to spend resting, and the time I spent one on one with Bill today. I am so grateful for my family. I love them so much more than I could ever show. I couldn't have hand-picked a better group to spend my life with.

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. ~Desmond Tutu


Maggie said...

Very well written Mo. Couldn't have said it any better myself. I love you.

whatever said...

"....you look like an angel.." congrats!!!

Kit O'Leary said...

poor Meowreen Anthony and Bill. :,(

i hope you are both feeling better. y'all gave it to me too, ya know. hate you guys so hard.