Thursday, April 21, 2011

memories of Alie

for the longest time, the Bird had a little posse of "friends" she talked about constantly. they were Alie, Ashley, Caitlin and Lily. Alie seemed to be the head of the crew and embodied everything Birdie wanted to be/have. Alie had an older sister, a very colorful car, huge birthday parties, and just about every toy we ever saw a commercial for.

it started to get a little creepy as Bird suddenly started writing "Alie" on papers while coloring. when I asked her how she learned to spell it she said: Alie showed me. was a little strange. Birdie talked about a place called Yusana that she and her buddies went to and drank lemonade and ate cookies. I loved hearing all about the group, and then suddenly it seemed like they just disappeared. I came across this pic the other day and it made me sort of sad. Birdie is getting so big and I guess she has no need for her imaginary friends anymore...
the Bird paid homage to her dear friend (on the side of our car)

*Father did point out that Alie is: litte Bird's very own Freudian Slip oxoxoxo


Maggie said...

OMG dying... A-lie.
Alie. oxo. R.I.P. ALIE

Kit O'Leary said...

smell ya later, Alie. RIP.