Monday, April 11, 2011

recuperating after wedding weekend

it's hard sometimes after having the insane amount of fun we had on Saturday to come back to reality. my mom always says kids don't understand weekends...every day is the same for them. (which means no extra sleep for us no matter how late we make it home) here are a few things that are helping me happily get back to it:

1. the GORGEOUS day we had yesterday...lunch outside with the babes and a piña colada to settle my stomach,

2. re-reading this and laughing my butt off,

3. these peach layered fringed shorts from Topshop...sooooo perfect and a MUST have for summer:

4. this adorable Guatemalan handbag found on Etsy:

5. my entire body being sore after dancing like a crazy person with my bro (it feels like I worked out for a few hours, so I am feeling pretty good about that), and

6. hearing about how much fun the babes had on Saturday after I spent months stressing about how they'd do.

Happy Monday, everyone...


Maggie said...

Mondays make me very ANGRYYY :) you have any more of that piña colada mix hun?

~oxo~ mo said...

meow HAAAAATES Mondays...unless it's a holiday or a paid sick day (meer heer heer) I've just about perfected my low fat colada mix and I'ma gonna get to postin' real real soon, hun. git yer drank on...git git yer drank on....

Kit O'Leary said...

HAHAHAHA!! what is that site with the email? some brit graphic designer ripping on his co-workers? his email with shannon is hysterical! never beseen that before!