Thursday, May 26, 2011

Birdie eats vegetables!!

this past weekend, we grilled some shish kabobs. they were huuuuuge. we didn't finish them so we wrapped them up and saved them. knowing they'd go to waste if I didn't use them yesterday, I sauteed them in a wee bit of olive oil and made some sauce for dinner. I used the red pepper, onion, zucchini and squash. (and there was hella lot of it)

it was my own little sneaky sauce! so I served the girls up their "dipping noodles" (one bowl of "Rapunzel hair noodles" and a separate bowl of sauce) and waited...breath held and me asking in my most hopeful and encouraging voice: Do you love it?! and guess what!!! they did!! the Bird even asked for it again for lunch...

it was super simp. just saute up any kind of veggies...oh! I forgot!...I also added broccoli slaw which is just shredded broc, carrotts and red cabbage. once it was soft, I pureed it all in our VitaMix. back to the pan, I added two cans of crushed tomatoes, a can of tomato sauce and a big (although I would def recommend a small can as ours was a little too thick) can of tomato paste. then I added some white wine and a ton of basil. I have no exact measuring system. as long as the consistency is good (which ours really was not), you are in good shape. don't be scared if it initially smells like a bottle of wine. the alcohol will burn off and the wine adds sooo much flavor.

mangia! mangia in your little Bieber shirt, girl!! mangia that little face!! mangia that little booty!!

oh!oh!oh! and an update!!! my little lady~girl~niece~love eats it too...with a spoon!!!

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whatever said...

I would eat it with a spoon too, it looks delicious!