Thursday, May 19, 2011

fish tales

so, Father took himself on a bit of a fishing trip.

with so many amazing childhood memories, I can say for certain that within the top 5 fondest are the "fishing" trips Father used to take us on. while I don't recall getting around to much fishing, I do remember demanding that Father go "speedy fast", awesome wipe outs while tubing, lots of pop and other junk food, and more than anything making memories that continue to make me smile.

our trips (sans Mother who would stay behind to take care of little babies too small to go or big babies too risky to leave to their own devices in an empty home) started early early early~ the hey crack of dawn. we would drive to Savanna, Illinois where my grandparents lived, and from there we'd hop on ye ol' Mississip and seek out a camping spot. while we sat and ate or walked around exploring, Father would set up camp. tents, little grill, coolers, sleeping bags, backpacks...Father organized it all while we looked on. (seriously. can you say lazy punks??)

after camp was settled, we'd get back in the boat for some "fishing" fun. I don't know if we even had poles with us. I do know that regardless of the temp, we'd get in the water. tubing, bobbing around, skiing...we did it all (I'm sure Father was very proud of our physical abilities!!) after we were all waterlogged and becoming miz, we'd head back to camp and get ready for nighttime bonding...huddling around a campfire talking and laughing, can you imagine anything more fun?? I've had my share of fun and I can say honestly that very little can compare.

next morning, Father was up nice and early cooking his famous eggs and cheese. each time they were THE best thing I'd ever tasted. a little better than the time before, but undoubtedly not quite as good as the time to follow. after another day of water fun, we (and by "we" I mean Father. obviously.) packed up camp and headed to Grandma and Grandpa's. cards. dice. Manny's pizza. beds with electric blankets and the tightest, most pristine hospital corners you've ever seen. Grandma's perfume powder in the upstairs bathroom...all the things memories are made of. and all the things that made our childhood what it was. perfect. and it truly, truly was.

so now I see Father's got a new set of camping buddies. I guess I can't blame him. they probably help him set up/take down. I'm sure they allow him time to do the fishing he wants to do. they are probably better conversationalists. proably only half of them whine about being too cold/hungry/hot/tired... I'm sure they have a great time together. but deep (deeeeep) down, I bet Father wishes it was us there. ;)


Maggie "b0b" O'Leary said...

best memories ever!

Sue said...

Yessss! I love this! Our summer place is in a little speck of a town 7 hours north of Chi in Wisco called Birchwood. My fam has been spending summers there since I was 5 yrs old. Best part is that all my bestest buds who have been going with their families since they were wee little ones, now bring their families. Rides on or boat, tubing & skiing def have gotten better as we've gotten older & cocktails are involved!

Kit O'Leary said...

do you remember when you caught a fish once and said you knew it was a girl b/c you saw eyeshadow on her eyes?!? kids are so stupid.

also, brenember when you did a back flip off the tube when we went on a dad and daughters trip? it was the one where maggie was trying to get us to talk smack about each other every time she was alone on the tube with one of us. =D

anyways, father caught a coupla doozies on this trip. its a shame that 'poor den' was only able to pull in one lone fish.

Kristen said...

I love that you busted out hospital corners!!!! Sr. Anne taught me how to properly make a bed, and Grandmother makes sure I still make hers with trusty old hospital corners. Love it!!