Wednesday, May 18, 2011

girl's got dreams...

we've had a little something going around our family. we've all been sick on and off for what seems to be a season. the past few nights, either Birdie or Mae has been in bed with us. tiny little bods take up an incredible amount of space when they sleep...which doesn't really let me sleep. last night, staring up at the ceiling, I got emotional thinking about what I truly dream of for my daughters...

~that they will always remain the best of friends, they will never take for granted the gift that is a sister

~they will remain true to and strong in their faith, and turn to God or a blessed saint when they are struggling

~they will not do drugs and will not drink irresponsibly

~they will respect their bodies and treat them knowing they were created by God in love and that they are perfect exactly how they are

~they will be good, true friends to those around them

~they will know how important keeping a secret is

~they will know that no matter what, they can always count on their family

~they will stay close to us, but never be afraid to reach for the stars and go after their dreams

~they WILL dream...BIG dreams...dreams that some may say are impossible

~they won't be influenced by those who call their dreams impossible

~they will follow their hearts

~they will study hard and never underestimate the power of an education

~they will be genuine in their communications and express themselves

~they will look people in the eyes while speaking

~they will be at being honest and realize how crucial honesty is in each and every relationship,

and more than anything,

~that they will never go one second of any day ever doubting how loved and cherished each of them is.

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Maggie "b0b" O'Leary said...

tearing up...proud, happy, loved.