Wednesday, May 4, 2011

~honor thy mother~

some idears for yer mother on her day:

one of these satin pillowcases from Spoon Sisters (one of my new fave stores). they're said to keep hair and skin nourished while you sleep...maybs one would help eliminate my pillow lines that seem to last all morning.

looooooooooving these cashmere throws. ahhhhhh...and Mother will be so grateful she may let you snuggle up on her lap like the old days...

ANNNNNNNYTHING monogrammed ALWAYS has my vote, and these rain boots are no exception. please disregard that the mom in the pic looks like a total and just picture your zexy mother rockin' these bad boys. too too much cutieness for this momma!

o.k. I got this over-the-door jewelry armoire for myself a while back and it literally changed. my. life. no joke. I love it. I got mine in leopard (of course...come on now.) the best part is you can do a monthly payment plan, so each month when you check your bank statement it's like a friendly little "hi there" from your mother.

and if you're really strapped this year, make Mother a coupon book: free hugs, free kisses, 5 minutes working on her know the drill...

Happy Mothers' Day to every mom out there~especially mine. love your little face so bad, Mother. ~oxoxoxoxo~

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Maggie said...

So glad my mum doesn't look fugly/square like that other mom in the photo. Love all the Mums day ideaRs! oxo