Wednesday, May 11, 2011

~hump day happiness~

I returned to Wal-Mart today for some mo' of the gloss. I desperately needed a pick~me~up and figured if 5 dollhairs worth of lip gloss could do the trick, then I would waste no time. we dropped the Bird off at school and a crabby Mais and fussy Eenie and I headed on over. the 2 and a half hours Birdie's in school doesn't buy us much time when the little girls are in moods, but I was hopeful that we'd be fast on this errand so we might get to some of the others I'd planned. mmmmmhmmm...

what would have taken me 15 minutes by myself took my two buddies and me over an hour and a half. Mae refuses to sit in the cart and is amazingly fast on those chubby little legs. she pulls mops out of their holders and bottles of bleach off the shelves. she throws movies on the ground and then takes off leaving me scrambling to clean up her mess while keeping an eye on that little bod that was driving me so crazy.

I was at the end of it...(my rope/sanity/patience). it was so much more than just the nightmare of our shopping trip. it was all of the thoughts that keep me up at night and all the helplessness I've been feeling. I could feel tears welling up and wanted to just collapse in an aisle and cry. I finally picked up my little Mais and carried her while pushing the cart ~ both girls screaming and me thinking: God, I reeeeeally need help!

we made our way to the registers where only 2 or 3 lanes were open. at this point the girls were settling, but I felt like my brain had checked out. I was standing there almost in a daze when I heard: "Mo! Mo!" I looked over and who do I see?!?!?! Mikey (Bill)!!!!!!! my amazing, awesome, loving and verrrry helpful little brother! I couldn't believe it! totally randomly he was there buying some oil or something! I hugged him so hard and felt a sense of calm come over me immediately. he stuck by us and held Eenie while I paid for everything and....breathed.

it is amazing how God knows exactly when to intervene. I've always told myself that God will never give one more than he/she can handle, but lately I've lost sight of this knowledge. I was so down and feeling out, but He brought me back through my brother whom I love so dearly. and then when we pulled into our 'hood I finally took the time to look at these:
and I said, "Thank you."

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Kristen said...

Such a sweet story!!!! Love you, love those little girls of yours and today, especially loving your brother :)