Wednesday, May 4, 2011

playlist thursday

there are some music intros that are undeniably fab~u~lous. you are familiar. they are unmistakable, and can set a mood in 4 bars or less. you know we love our music, lovers, and these are my best intro thoughts...pleeease share yours!!!

1.) Start Me Up: The Rolling Stones, I mean SER-I-OUS-LY. this is Father's ring tone and one of the most recognizable intros EVER...deer neer neer...(you feel me; you hear me; you know I got the beat)

2.) Sweet Child O' Mine: G 'n' R. this could very well be the first and last song on my list. it is perfect. it is obviously sung solely to me (my eyes are blue, my hair is a warm, safe place...) (o.k., it may be sung to Magee, but whatever...)and this is one of those songs I will NEVER tire of. it pumps me up. it calms me down. it makes me feel nostalgic. it allows me to look excitedly toward the future.

3.) Get Into the Groove: Madonna. Chi, are you there?! this one ALWAYS reminds me of Desperately Seeking Susan, which therefore reminds me of Chi, which furthermore reminds me of rock~rock~rockin' my balls off. sisters and songs go hand-in-hand, hence:

4.) I Only Want to Be With You: Dusty Springfield. Chi? Magee? y'all there for that memory? Emely, you were there too. (Magee you were just a young babe. I'll explain later if ye forgot.)

5.) Kingston Town: UB40. I've reached a point in my life where I am no longer embarassed to adore UB40. I will even listen to them with the windows down. UB40 are awesome. my babes know Kingston Town as "Papa's Song", and I can't get enough of the beachy sound. my father~in~law and all our wonderful memories are instantly called to mind when I hear: bahm~ba~ba~ba~bahm....

6.) I Don't Want to Know:Fleetwood Mac...hellllllooooooo, people!!! driving around in Father's Lincoln! ummmmmmmmm....

UPDATE: 7.) please forgive me, Van. I don't know how I forgot Brown Eyed Girl. perhaps THE most nostalgic song for me and will be for the Bird as she refers to it as her song.

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