Tuesday, May 17, 2011

some mo' of these, p'ease

anything made by/with/for the little hands of my babes...even handprints on the mirror...it makes me sad to clean them off. but this little pic took the cake, so I put it in a frame.

our butterfly in a jar. saw this little dude at Walgreens yesterday and could not resist. tap on the jar once and he wakes up. tap twice and he flaps, three times and he flutters around. it's adorable and we love him.

lyrics like these from "These Are The Days" (one of my very fave Van Morrison songs) that remind me what's really important...

and what's most important is family. like sisters. especially when you were blessed with the two most perfect sisters in the world...like Chi, who gifted me the most beautiful Mothers' Day gift.

these amazing vintage earrings. not only are they screw ons, they are THE most gorgeous jade color. I can't tell you how much I love my sister...and I'm not just saying that to get more lollies. ~oxo~


Maggie "b0b" O'Leary said...

Someone say lollies? oxo sisters oxo

Marg71 said...

check out the I * Chi shirts on this site:


Kit O'Leary said...

Marg, nice find!! Chi likes. :)

♥ oxo ♥ mo said...

O.M.SHEESH!!!! Well played, Marg! heart heart heart!!!