Tuesday, May 3, 2011

spotlight on Mae:

full name: Mairéad Kathleen (named after my sister Chi)
nicknames: Maisy, Mais, Mae Mae, Mae
age: 2 (verrrrrrrrry 2)
hair color: brown
eye color: greenish/hazel
sign: Aquarius
interests: her sisters, Justin Bieber, music, dancing, art
personality: independent, strong-willed, curious, extremely polite, hilarious, feisty...

Maisy is our second born. she was born on Valentine's Day and has a very sweet heart. we always compared her to the Bird as Birdie was the only baby we really knew before Mais came along, but we realized early on that doing this was pointless. Mairéad is a TOTALLY
different personality than anyone. she is very VERY smart and clever and is devious in some of her little ways. she is extremely adaptable when she wants to be and incredibly stubborn when she is not feeling something. she knows exactly what she wants in every situation.

she is a complete Daddy's girl and although I have to hold her down and force kisses out of her, she freely gives them to her father. she is a wonderful friend to Birdie and they will play together happily all day long. she likes to be in control of Eenie and can be heard throughout the day saying: No NO Eenie Girl! she says "thank you" after everything she receives and "p'eeeeease" when she wants something. she says "hello" to everyone and covers her eyes when she is feeling shy.

Chi and I always say Mais cannot be concerned with trifles. it's true. Mairéad has her eye on the bigger picture. she is a free thinker, and she is going places for real. I feel sorry for anyone who tries to stand in her way...

I love my Baby Mae so so SOOOOOO much!!!

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