Sunday, May 15, 2011

~twisted sister~

yesterday at my in~laws, Birdie got herself into quite a position during a solo game of Twister.
I remember in second grade going to a birthday party where we played Twister. it was the first time I'd seen the game and I thought it was weird...but fun. now I am remembering lots of shiz from around that time. mostly toys and dolls that I loved and adored and am getting all fired up at Mother for getting rid of them. Mother!! why didn't you save each and every toy/game/doll from the six of us?!?! is that too much to extra large storage facility or small home would have been ample space to, woman, don't you feel awful??

kidding, Mother. love your little face. I know that my Lady Lovely Locks and Rainbow Brite and Baby Talk and Kid Sister and Glow Worm and Popple and Secret Keyper and Care Bear and Cricket doll and...(truth be told, probs half of this list were Chi's toys. but considering I undoubtedly told my many many school chums that all these belonged solely to me, that is how I choose to remember them. plus, I always took better care of my stuff them hair cuts when they started looking a little shabby, putting nail polish on their hands and feet and a some dabs on their lips and eyes for a little permanent makeup, and of course taking off their clothes so they might be more comfortable...) anyhow, I know these things may not have looked like much (especially after aforementioned make~overs), but they provided me with truly wonderful memories.

if i could have one of these back, I think it would be my Secret Keyper.
I always loved the way these smelled and it would give me a safe place to keep allllll my valuables...and secrets ;)

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