Thursday, June 30, 2011

back with my 8th grade love...

before I started my first day of 8th grade, Mother took me to Marshall Fields in search of school clothes. it was my first and last year of no uniform. (please see this post to relive my love of unis.) I remember finding a pair of Guess jeans that I had. to. have. I think they were like 80 bucks...way more than Mother would have ever spent on one pair of pants for one child. ever. but maybs she thought back to Chi's L.A. Gear jean jacket that Chi just had to have (and got...of course) and felt bad for me :) I have never turned down a pity gift.

so I ended up with the jeans. the softest, longest, best jeans I've ever had. until now, nothing has ever come close to the feeling I had in these jeans. I loved them so much I bleached them, cut off the ends, and wrote Blues Traveler lyrics up and down the legs. my many many friends asked where I got them and I was proud to say that I had (almost) made them. these jeans may very well have begun my love~affair with clothing.

now, 10 or so years later, I think I have found true jean love again. a while back I came across these Textile Elizabeth and James jeans: and it was like love reincarnated. I got mine in the Heartbreak wash 'cause I'm a hippie like that, and I cannot take them off. they are the softest, longest, (almost) best jeans I've ever had.

I guess, like Peyton says in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle: A man never loses it for his first love. or in this case, a woman...or an 8th grade girl.

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Kit O'Leary said...

Chi got everything she ever wanted...and then you got it a year or two later. BAH! ;-p

Brenember when Chi gave you the Benetton bandana shorts via yearbook message? That must have been quite a thrill! Ended the 7th grade on a high note for ye...