Wednesday, June 1, 2011

crushing on Claire's

I have never been the type of person to spend a lot on sunglasses. I tend to lose or break them quickly, and this process is made easier knowing I am only out 10 bucks or so. today, before lunch, my baby gal pals and I made a quickie stop at Claire's with only shades on the brain. the girls were not in the shopping mood (booo.) so I knew it had to be an in~and~out. with Eenie on my hip and Mais's eyes darting back and forth in her typical pre~destruction scan, I grabbed the first ones that caught my eye. I thought the bow detail was cute and the red sale sticker made the decision even easier...

no biggie...kinda lame, but at 6 measly dollhairs I had to.

then I peeped these:

and I had to.

and now, back at home, I'm thinking Claire's has been good to me over the years. some of my fave cheapies and the best clips I can find for the babes are from Claire's.

I pulled out a few and remembered how much I heart them...
my little sweet treats...a sprinkled doughnut and ice cream cone...and a cupcake pair off somewhere that I will find and wear tomorrow in celebration of Eenie!!

my sushi roll and spicy tuna earrings...remind me of getting the boot outta Sagano. NAMA~AGE!!!!

happy day earrings...always make me smile.

as for the bows and clips...waaaaaay too many to photograph. but take my word, they're adorable!!

now throw on your happy day jewelry and let's do this wednesday up right!!!

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