Sunday, June 12, 2011

evolution of friendship

when Babe and I first met, we were friends. we hung out, we had inside jokes, we looked forward to being together...we genuinely liked the company of each other. and nothing was better. then we became more than friends. we hugged, we kissed, we moved in together. and nothing was better. then we got married. then we had a baby. then we had another baby...and another. and we always said there was nothing better. but there was.

over the babies and the moving and the job and the stress, we started losing what brought us together to begin with. we forgot about our friendship and focused solely on the day-to-day. getting through this day and "making" it to the next. we fell into a routine that didn't seem to include a lot of inside jokes or friendly interactions. we were just going. we overlooked what started our family and went through the motions. and it was sad. and I didn't like it. and I didn't want it.

so I did something. I spoke up. I attempted to disregard my dismissive tendencies, and speak my mind rather than shutting say what I felt needed to be said. I was hesitant and nervous and scared. what if I ruin my family? what if I lose my husband? I never thought about the fact that I was already losing my best friend.

we talked, (I) screamed, (I) shouted, and through it all we began to get it back. I started wanting to feel for his feet at night. I wanted to rub shoulders down our tight little hallway. I wanted to be anywhere my Babe was. I wanted my best friend back.

I remembered how we'd gotten to where we are. our tiny little home. our tiny little family...I remember now how it all came to be. through a chance meeting and an immediate friendship we created what is our perfect tiny life. and it is perfect...for us.

and nothing is better.


Kit O'Leary said...

oh, hun. :') and ;'(
this is a very happy post.
but i thought that we was best friends.

whatever said...

I agree Kit, a tear here and there reading this post! It is so married life. God bless your little family. ♥ you Mo!