Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm sorry mama, I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to make you cry, but tonight I'm cleanin' out my closet (actually, purse)

I just recently switched purses. prior to my current purse, I was lugging all of our goods around in a ginormo backpack. it was so easy because I could throw all the cups/clothes/toys that were brought into the car right into the backpack and get it all inside with just one trip. the prob, however, is that the bigger the bag I use, the more stuff accumulates.

I like to switch up purses every month or so, and about 2 weeks ago the backpack had worn out its welcome. in an attempt to take stock and clear out the unnecessary, I cleaned out my bag today. surprisingly, it was not as crammed with crap as I'd expected. here's what I found...

one dipe. one Pull~Up. Mae Mae's toothbrush.

ice cream bubbles. baby spf (110!!!!) I like my babies nice and pale.

my solid Lush perfume. my ab fave summer lip color that they no longer sell (Eve Pinky from Cargo)

wipes. one of the babe's headbands. the shoes I forgot at Mother and Father's on Sunday.

and underneath it all is my current favorite smiley cardigan found here. it's perfect for the weirdness that is Chicago weather. not too heavy but just enough to kill the chill... oxoxo


Suzanne said...

Madly in love with the kicks! Where did you find those precious jewels?!?!

♥ oxo ♥ mo said...

Topshop, hon child!!!! oxoxo