Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mais's new accessory!

before Maisy turned 2, she was verrrrry interested in her potty. she carried it around, she used it as a stool, she even used it as a potty a couple of times. I totally thought she was one of those kids who just kinda trained themselves...I was very proud :)

flash forward. she will be 2 1/2 in just a couple months and has ZERO interest in using the potty for what it's made for. she will still carry it around and use it as a stool, but when I ask her if she wants to sit on it she says: NO!!! and trust, Mais is not gonna do anything she doesn't want to do.

well, today at Wal~Mart (♥) we came across a huuuuge box of princess Pull~Ups...and Mais said she wanted them!! I've always felt like Pull~Ups were a waste of money and are basically just a glorified diaper, but this box also contained a dvd of some toilet talk or something and.....

Mais's new favorite jewelry!!!! (and what I'm almost certain was the impetus behind her sudden interest in anything outside of diapers) it's a timer watch...and it's princess...and it plays a song every 15 minutes...and she looooves it!!! she showed it to Father and said, "Look, Grampy! Matching watches!!"

so every 15 minutes (you can set it for any 15 minute interval up to 120 minutes) this thing plays a little tune and we rush off to the bathroom. we went through 3 rounds over at my parents', and although we didn't have any success we're getting a good ol' vibe from this little thing.

(don't be fooled by Mae Mae "checking" her watch...she is just thrilled with her new jewel!!)

so this is it. June 15th is when we get serious about "NO MORE DIPES!!" I'm hoping by the end of this month she will be out of diapers and Pull~Ups and into her granny undies :) I'll keep you posted...

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Kit O'Leary said...

yaaaay, Mae Mae!! no more old fashioned dipe dipes. its the real deal mc coy! <3 <3

who's the nice looking fella in the b? looks like wearing some cheetah leggings and a packers jersey.