Saturday, June 11, 2011

music notes

before each of my girls was born, I decided on "their song". I then had blankets made with meaningful lyrics from each song. Birdie's song is "Forever Young" (Bob Dylan), Mae Mae's is "Eyes of the World" (Grateful Dead), and little Eenut's is "Shine a Light" (Rolling Stones). the girls know their respective songs, and if one of them comes on during a dance party, Birdie or Mae will scream out: MY/EENIE'S/BIRDIE'S/MAE MAE'S SONG!!!

it's always been really important to us that our kids have an appreciation for music...good music, and they already seem to. Birdie is able to call a Stones song after just a few notes and can pick out different instruments being used in music. Babe and I have very similar taste in music, so we are in agreement over what's good and what's garbage...most of the time.

I looooove Britney Spears. I loooooove old Madonna. I looooove random Mandy Moore, Samantha Mumba, Robin...I love me some pop tunages. so the girls have taken a liking to some of the same. and they have turned me on to songs that I previously didn't care for. (Babe is not so easily swayed)

take Jason Mraz for instance. I always thought he was a puny little twerp spewing out nonsense. then Mais came across a version of his song "I'm Yours" featuring Mraz and Elmo. she was hooked. then I was hooked. and now I love that song. and if it wasn't for the girls, I would have taken all the Ke$ha, most of the Lady GaGa and the Ting Tings off my ipod, but I can't because they love it all. they never get sick of running around scream~singing: That's not my name! That's not my name! and they know there is no shame in blasting a pop/country/oldie/rap/blues tune and dancing the same dance to each genre.

music has always been a huge part of my life. whether it be my "Driving Mix" to pump me up before a night out in high school or my "Sad Mix" for when I wanted to increase the pain and angst of being dumped/grounded/feeling a zit coming on...through music I have learned so much about life...about who I am and who I'd like to become.

so while my three favorite little songs sleep soundly in the room down the hall, I am starting to realize that I am getting there. through the music we have created, I am steadily becoming exactly who I want to be.
and it makes me hum a happy little tune...


Kristen said...

I love everything about everything in this. ESPECIALLY Elmo and Jason Mraz's little ditty, that is a FAVE of Jacks from before and now Will loves it, too! Or maybe it's just Elmo that he goes zanners for.
Your girls are lucky that you listen to such great songs. But I swear one of the girls blankets was "livin la vida loca" no?

Kristin Schulte said...

Hey Mo! This brings me back to the amazing mix tapes you used to make me in high school. I love when a random old song comes on the radio and reminds me of those times. Your girls are beautiful!

Kit O'Leary said...

Babe's taste is a little suspect. ah, recall a little thangy called the Bone Daddies? :-/

♥ oxo ♥ mo said...

KRISTIN!!!! I miss those mix tapes...I've searched for "Love Stream" all over and can't find it ANYWHERE!!! wtf?? Congratulations on your little girl!! She's gorgeous...Kristin showed me her pics...she looks EXACTLY like she's momma!! love!!! oxoxoxoxo

Kristin Schulte said...

Ahhhaha! It's called Beautiful Dream by Adam Ant! Love it:) My mom told me she ran into you at church. I'm in the burbs now if you wanna get together ever. My email is Thanks for your nice comment about my girly...she's my bff:)