Thursday, June 9, 2011

rainy days and books

last week, all Birdie wanted to do was go to the babe is so smart ;) we left with only one book:

it's the sweetest little book with a wonderful message. while they may be too young to appreciate the message, I hope this will be one of those books they will always remember fondly. maybe one day when they take their children to a bookstore, they will spot this book and remember all of us curled in bed together reading it...and it will warm their hearts like these books do mine:

in 2nd grade, I copied this book word for word onto loose leaf and tried out for the talent show reading it. I think they cut me off after about a minute and said they'd let me know. they did. I didn't make it. weird.

still a huge fave in our home

one of our very very favorite books when we were kids was called, "Sometimes I Worry" and I can't find a pic of it anywhere...but it was the best!! another one I can't locate is this Garfield scratch and sniff book that I would look at every single time we went to the River Forest Library. it had lasagna you could scratch and sniff and I think probably one time I tried to lick it.

happy reading, everyone!!!


Kit O'Leary said...

<3 xoxo <3

Maggie "b0b" O'Leary said...

That is hilarious you tried out for talent sad you didn't make the final cut. oxo admire your passion for life, love, and lit.

whatever said...

I remember the plays you put on when you were guys were on Valley View in Barrington.