Wednesday, June 29, 2011

secret weapon

it's amazing how much laundry we accumulated after just two days away. I was sorting the piles yesterday and came across the dresses the girls wore to the wedding. they are my favorite dresses right now...I love them so much I purchased each of the girls two (different colors, of course. I'm not crazy! heh heh heh)

they are so much sweeter in person. I can't believe I don't have any pics of the girls in them as they've worn them for almost every warm weather function this year. anyway, as I pull Mae Mae's dress out of our bag I remember Birdie told us Saturday morning that: "Mais threw up black all over her pretty dress." she was correct. all down the front of the dress were black memories of too many mint candies. then I pull the Bird's out and there is a huge gob of gum stuck to the tulle. ugh...but not total ugh as I have a new secret weapon in my laundry repertoire.

I discovered this after Mothers' Day when Mais took a Sharpie to the very same dress. I was convinced the dress was ruined. and if one dress goes, the other two girls can no longer wear theirs. that would have been sad...three beautiful dresses rendered useless by one little Mae Mae. so there was black Sharpie ALL over the dress. it didn't look good. then I came across this stuff: at Wal~Mart.

for one month I sprayed the dress with a combo of the De~Solv~It and this stuff: which up until now, I've never really been a fan of. so I would spray the dress with the two, let it sit, and then wash it. one month I worked on this. came out!!! every last bit of Sharpie came out.

as pathetic as it is, this was one of those 'Aha moments' I always hear people talking about. Aha! I won't have to get rid of clothes because someone got a little overzealous in her art, or threw up black or purple or green, or every time someone eats pasta! I can just work for a month or two removing the stain :)
or maybe I can just try to simmer and realize in the end: they are just clothes.


Kit O'Leary said...

Mais had too much lollies.

whatever said...

They looked so cute in their matching dresses. Mairead had too much black m&m's?