Monday, June 13, 2011

uniform bliss

I am thrilled that next year the Bird will wear a uniform to school! I absolutely loved my uniform when I was younger. I would ask to wear it to church and on a couple occasions I slept in it. (I sacrificed comfort for fashion at a very young age...) now it is Birdie's turn to fall in love! I can't wait to see my baby in this little plaid jumper,

a freshly pressed blouse,

saddle shoes just like I used to have,

and tons and tons of matching accessories! eeeeeeeekkk!!! finger dance!!!

(I wanted to order Mais a uniform too, but Babe says it's a waste of money. boo. he's always putting the kibosh on my awesome idears. double boo.)


Kit O'Leary said...

excited fingers!!! she is going to look so cutie. just like we did. =D

whatever said...

Mother dressed you so nicely, you were the best dressed girls at St Anne School:-)