Tuesday, July 5, 2011

four o' fourth

I have mad, mad respect for 4 day weekends. I heart them so bad :) they're so sexy when played the right way. here's how ours went down...

friday: no major report. just hanging out with one young Babe and meself.

saturday: bbq with the most adorable family ever. (wish I had pics, as their little Lamar can dance in ways you've only dreamed of.) for real. in ways you've ALL only dreamed of...he's pretty amazing.

Sunday: church, then breakfast, then something pretty spectacular. we headed over to Mother and Father's after nap and proceeded to kick off the 4th proper. we grilled and ate and drank and walked...down to the fireworks...
and it was adorable! Birdie and Eenie were an immediate no~go. they hated fireworks the same way Chi and I agreed we hated them as youngsters. Mae~Mae may have put on a front until the 'works' were done...and then confided that it was all hate. so we returned to Mother and Father's for an impromptu sleepover...Babe and Bill in a bed near Eenie, Chi and the Bird together, and Mais and me cuddled up. when we woke, there were bagels and some more walking to the...

monday: parade!!!!

and then to add a 5th, tuesday: in~law dinner! some steak, Skinny Girl, and sprinkled cupcakes...there is no better way to bid adieu to the perfection that is a 4 (5)~day famiy fest.

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