Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the height of fear

it's amazing how having kids changes the way I view...everything. I remember the afternoon I told my Babe I was pregnant with Birdie, as we were driving home he said to me, "Everything looks so much better now." everytime I think of that I want to cry. everything with my girls seems brighter and more fun and more exciting and newer...and more scary. everything freaks me out. things I never thought of before~and the fact that I never thought of them before~frighten me when I think about my babies.

this past weekend we went to a fest complete with food, stinky wet hay, lots of sweat, and rides. huge, spinning, flipping, creaking carnival rides. I used to love those things. now they scare the hell out of me. I can't even let my mind go too far thinking about what could happen because I'll have a panic attack...but the girls are fearless. they went on the teacup ride, the bumblebees, the swings, the dragon coaster...and then they wanted to go on the ferris wheel. while I've always felt the ferris wheel was one of the tamer, safer rides, riding it with two of my babies was a whole new world.

it was faster and went higher than I ever remember.

I thought the ferris wheel was supposed to be a romantic ride for lovers, not meant to evoke terror. luckily, I was the only one scared out of my mind. the girls loved it...

and it was very romantic ♥

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