Thursday, July 7, 2011

looking back

I said something to my sister a couple months ago about wanting to create a dvd for the car with pics of us set to good music. while there is nothing cuter than the girls singing and laughing together while we drive around, I can only take so much Little People or Baby Einsteins. plus, the girls love pics and music, so I'm hoping it's a win~win.

Chi lined me up with her (our, please?) friend, Susie Q who makes these types of dvds in her sleep. The way Susie explained to me what I would need to provide her with, convinced me that she is a computer genius :) she speaks of hard drives and zip drives (actually, I don't even think that's what they're called) like it's's good to have smart friends.

so I have been going through our songs and old pics trying to decide which ones to use. it's a lot harder than I thought...each picture I see brings back so many memories that I want to include every single one. here are some of my faves:


Kit O'Leary said...

hahaha!!! ooomg, Mais stole the show here. I think she's being bad in every single pic! HAHAHA!!!!! I hope Bee Duffey is looking at these.

whatever said...

Yeah, Mais is it, that lower lip will get her into modeling!!!