Thursday, July 21, 2011

no teeth brushing under my watch...

my Birdie's new thing (and it truly breaks my heart) is telling me that I am mad at her. if I correct her or ask her to/not to do something she insists that I'm mad at her. being told how I'm feeling by someone else isn't one of my biggies to begin with, so getting this daily is reeeeeaaally exhausting.

tuesday night the girls were overtired and hysterical in that way that makes you feel bad but you know the only thing that will help them is falling asleep. Bird was the most upset. after about an hour of books, carrying the girls back into the room,and calmly telling them it was time to sleep I was worn out. well, Birdie decided this was the time that she absolutely NEEDED to brush her teeth. I went into her bathroom and told her no. it was way past bedtime and her tooth care routine is loooong. so she went back into the room crying and screaming: I GUESS YOU JUST DON'T WANT ME TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF MY TEETH. ugggghhh. whatever. about 10 minutes later everyone was asleep. my angels ;)

so wednesday morning Eenie and Bird had doctors appointments. Birdie was put in a little gown and looked adorable.
it was not a long wait (which is always the killer) and the girls were really well behaved. Mae Mae and Birdie sat and colored and when the doctor came in, Birdie decided to take the time to explain what she was drawing:
that blonde figure with the angry eyebrows and the frown...that's me...'cause I'm so angry, apparently. the acronym: MAM stands for 'mad at me'. okay, I am officially humiliated and feel about the size of an M&M(a plain one, of course) oh! and that 'H' with the line through it? that one means that I am not happy. all the other letters and lines and whatnot, we didn't quite get around to those. but the doctor did inquire, "Why is your mom mad at you?" and Birdie replied, "Because she doesn't want me to take care of my teeth."

mmmhhhmmm. you got that right. no oral care while I'm in charge. it makes me too mad.


Erika Duffey said...

HAHAHAA! this one just made my day :) She loves her acronyms and abbreviations, just like her mum and Chi. Love you Mo! Miss you!

whatever said...

Hilarious.LARATST(Laughing And Reading At The Same Time)♥

Ashley said...

LOL! your daughter sounds hilarious and adorable!
Love your blog!


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