Monday, August 22, 2011

growing up, one of our favorite shows was Muppet Babies. we watched it religiously...not only because they are absolutely adorable: but because we hoped soooooo desperately that just one time they would show Nanny's face. they wouldn't.

one afternoon, Father took big bro, big sis, and me out to do errands. as we were passing Builders Square, our brother pointed to the store where it said: Nursery. he told Chi and me that it was in fact the Muppet Babies nursery and that on that day only Nanny would be there showing her face. Chi and I pleaded with Father, "PUUUUUHHHHLEEEEAASEEEE!!!" for some reason I don't remember Father telling us that Kevin was lying. I just remember Builders Square and the dream of seeing Nanny getting smaller and smaller as we continued to drive away. (I'm sure Chi and I were crying)

it wasn't until many many years later some kind soul explained what that kind of nursery was. ahhhhh!!! plants! not Muppet Babies!! I get it now. but I still kind of feel gypped. I never saw Nanny's face. no one did. I think we always imagined her with red curly hair and very kind eyes. probably some spectacles and maybe some gray hairs framing her face. I'm sure she was lovely. just lovely.

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