Tuesday, August 16, 2011

hand~me~downs aren't even half bad

in my plight to keep my girls in identical clothing until they're all of legal drinking age, I've forgotten about and overlooked so many adorable clothes. as I was packing up boxes, I came across a tupperware full of the Bird's old 18 month sized clothes. I grabbed some pjs that fit Eenie perfectly and then found this little flannel.

it has gone through Birdie and Mais, and now I will allow Eenie to wear it. I will not concern myself with the fact that her older sisters do not have identical shirts. I will allow her to be an individual. I will not freak out; I will (as I've learned from my beloved Brits) keep calm and carry on.

cheerio, mates!


Kristen said...

Hahaha!!! You seriously crack me up!! Love this here blog o yours, love those there girls o yours

Maggie "b0b" O'Leary said...

OMG! My little Eenster looks so grunge, so chic, so cutie all in one! MAD LOVE smooch