Wednesday, August 24, 2011


tomorrow morning we will be taking our Birdie to her first day of kindergarten. her uniforms have been washed, steamed, and hung up nicely. we have discussed what she will bring for lunch. she has met her teacher and all her new friends. we've had all the school supplies organized for weeks. we even woke up early this morning to do a practice drop off. everything is ready...except for me. I can't imagine our days without the Bird. she is my little helper, the boss to her sisters while I try to get stuff done, our door holder, my naptime buddy, and the little chatterbox that keeps me laughing/thinking/trying my hardest to be better every single day.

I know that she is ecstatic about starting kindie and she does so well in a school setting that I should be confident in sending her, but as it's been getting closer and closer I find myself getting anxious and nervous and sad and scared. what if she doesn't always remember her manners? what if she hears a bad word? what if she misses us? what if someone is mean to her? what if she skips the healthy part of her lunch and goes straight for the Dunkaroos? what will I do??

in so many ways she is still such a baby. she is so tiny compared to some of the kids in her class and I wonder: is she ready? but I think we all know that truly it's me that may not be ready. I'm not ready to let go of my baby even though I know that it's time. I know that she will learn and experience so much more than she would staying home with us for another year and I know she's looking forward to it. I can't wait to see where this school year brings us! I hope my babe will gain confidence and respect for herself and those in authority. I hope she will make new friends and learn the best ways to deal with new people and situations that don't always go the way she'd like. I hope she will learn things that excite and interest her. I hope she will learn more about and find comfort in her faith. (and figure out how to sit through an entire mass service) and most of all, I hope she has fun and continues to be as excited about school as she is right now.

I'm going to miss getting to spend our days together, but I am so proud of my little baby girl! she is growing up fast and teaching me so much along the way! I love my little Bird so much; I know she'll do great ♥♥♥♥♥♥


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Suzanne said...

She will do beautifully because she has an AMAZING mother who prepared her in all the right ways for a day just like this...xoxo