Monday, August 15, 2011

my om

now that I've majorly curtailed my shopping/spending compulsion, I find myself getting very panicky when checking my emails, driving through strip malls, imagining up new outfits, and basically going about the other 90% of my daily routine. it is a fight within myself to find the strength to not buy buy buy. last night, my man acknowledged how good I've been for the past few days and it made me want to be even better. today at Whole Foods, I reevaluated my cart before checking out and put back 4 things!! (an organic cotton t~shirt, a candle, some delicious smelling hand lotion, and some super lush body cream) I used to never feel guilty about these kind of purchases because they're all groceries, right?? well, sadly, things are changing.

surprisingly, however, one of my obsessions I thought I would for sure have to give up has proven verrrrry calming. it's the weirdest thing. Looklet, my go~to boredom crushing website which I used to turn to for ideas on new things I "needed" has somehow become my diversion from online shopping. I will spend an entire day or two creating looks from the thousands of clothes, shoes, accessories etc. and oddly, I don't feel myself getting anxious. it's calming in the way that painting or sketching can be and, as long as it's keeping me from dropping bank on things other people don't seem to understand that I need I will keep at it.

you can check out my Looklet lookbook by clicking on browse and then typing 'meowleary' under Search looks ♥ and if you have one, please share it!!

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