Saturday, August 13, 2011

sew in love

last night, after the girls got in bed, I snuck out to see one of my favorite people in the world ♥ Mrs. W. invited me over for a sewing party (two people constitutes a party, right??) and we created a "pillow case" dress for Birdie. the Halloween material Mrs. W. had was beyond perfect, as the Bird and I have been talking Halloween/Christmas non~stop for the past few weeks! the frustration I've been feeling over my sewing machine was alleviated by Mrs. W.'s tutorial, and I CAN NOT wait until our next party on wednesday.

when I presented Birdie with her new dress this morning, she immediately put it on and has been wearing it all day. Babe told her to take it off 'cause it's not yet Halloween, but she doesn't care. that's my girl...

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whatever said...

Awwwe. what a cute punkin!!! You did it all in 20 minutes, but the greatest is, you can make 3 little girls dresses for less than $10. Love the heading to this blog, Mo ♥