Wednesday, August 3, 2011

simply sheep

I canNOT tell you how excited I am about finally seeing the Simply Sheep website up and going...and accepting orders! not to get crazy...but for real. Chi first introduced us to Simply Sheep soap during a family weekend in Lake Geneva. here are a few pics from said weekend...

so as I'm sure you can imagine, a lotta stuff just isn't one hundo percent clear or memorable. what I do remember, however, is the soap Chi gave us to use. (as a side note, I packed for my family of five, and while I packed enough matching outfits, pajamas, and Halloween costumes for the Duggars, I overlooked my face wash, shampoo, conditioner, and deoderant and truthfully probably many other necessary hygiene tools) anyhow, Chi's Simply Sheep was a serious life/face~saver. we not only used the bar on our bods, I used it on my dry, sensitive face...and let me tell you, it's unbelievable. no tightness. no looking like an old granny. no itchy skin. the stuff is incredible.

so my dealer got hooked me on the good stuff, and then hung me out to dry...until today!!! I guess you could say Chi came through (no doubt in this mind, hun) and forwarded me the Simply Sheep website. I was ecstatic to see tons more products and scents. I immediately ordered meself up some new product and (again) canNOT wait to experience each one...


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