Tuesday, August 9, 2011

tea parties and memories

it's so funny how one of the girls will do something, and it immediately takes me back to when I was little. yesterday, Birdie set up a tea party for herself and Mais.
I'm not sure why I expected this party might go differently than the others they've shared, but it ended the way all of them have: with Mais dumping the "tea" all over. so I told Mais she was done and she needed to go sit in her room. Birdie followed after her and I could hear her saying, "Mais, why did you do that? You won't be able to do tea party if you always do that." and I heard Maisy...laughing.

their interaction reminded me so much of the little chats our dear friend Emily used to have to have with me when I'd get kicked out of my 2nd grade Spanish class. I was very bad ;) I remember one instance so vividly where señorita had made two boxes: one blue and one pink. she told us that blue and pink were the colors that represent boys and girls. this made me mad as hell. I remember feeling like she was leaving my mom out because my mom's favorite color is red. I started screaming about how red is the color for girls and sure enough, señorita gave me the boot. adios, amigo! so like all the other times I would get kicked out, señorita sent Emily out to talk to me and calm me down. I remember Emily talking to me exactly how the Bird spoke to Maisy. very calmly but almost pleading: you need to act better. you can't do that.

bahahahahaha!!! and that kind of good sense just makes us laugh. so with this memory, I think I have finally answered the question I have been asking Mother for months: were any of us ever as crazy as Maisy? yes. I believe one of us was. Chi.


Emily said...

So so true! but I loved every minute of it! <3


Kit O'Leary said...

being bad is funny.
;) xoxo