Monday, August 8, 2011

setting up camp

this past week was a real doozy, I tell you what. stress upon stress upon stress made for a long week that I was not sad to see end. and there was no more perfect way to say good~bye to the drama than by going on a family camping trip. just like the old days (except with showers, ipads, iphones, and electricity...we're really eeeeasing the girls into roughing it) was wonderful!
my five slept in here. four of us on the air mattress and Eenie in her pack and play.
Father and Bill cozied up in this one :)

while we were taking down the tents on Sunday, the skies opened up and poured down on us steadily for nearly an hour. we got completely drenched, but it just added to the excitement ;) so after packing up and drying off, we headed over to the Wild West Town. the girls panned for "gold", rode on ponies and canoes and a train, learned how to lasso a cow, and reminded me of how much fun I had when my parents took all of us.

when we returned home, our realtor was here taking pics of the place! we are more than ready to get outta dodge, so the excitement/stress will continue. until we make it official, I am working on perfecting the art of creating a "show worthy" home at a moment's notice. it's a little tricky with the girls and clothes and toys, but I've always done my best work at the 11th hour ;)

have a great week ♥

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whatever said...

Looks like a fun camping trip, but we got a laugh at how Mother stayed at hotel. We remembered her saying her idea of camping is staying at a 4 star hotel:-)