Saturday, August 27, 2011

two strikes

I've always had a mental list of things I did NOT want to do around my kids or expose them to. after nearly 5 years of sheltering my babes in the least crazy, most appropriate way I felt possible, I was confident that we were doing a good job. enter tonight:

*note that one of the tops on my list has been no swearing around the kids. I cringe when I hear a little one with a foul mouth and I think I would cry if one of ours cursed.* so, after a really nice pizza dinner with Father and little sis, we all went out for ice cream. the weather was gorgeous and we sat outside and enjoyed the live music coming from the apartment above. it was the perfect summer evening. ice cream, a warm breeze, and live heart swelled. as we were leaving, the musicians began a Billy Joel song. the girls were saying their thank yous and goodbyes to Grampy and Godma as we were parting ways, and all of a sudden it was like the wedding scene in Old School. a familiar song, a bit of a personal twist, and all of a sudden at the exact moment we're walking past the apartment we hear, "You may be right; I'm f*@#king crazy."

it was kind of one of those situations where you think: Did I hear that right?! but looking from Babe to Father to Magee I knew that I had. and all we could do was laugh and keep on walking.

in the car a couple minutes later, I freaked on my man for blowing through a stop sign. I was mad and I yelled and then immediately felt like a huge piece of crap when Birdie said from the back seat, "Don't fight again." and there went numero uno on my list: NEVER fight in front of the kids.

so that's two strikes. I exposed them to two of the things I most wanted to shelter them from forever.

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