Friday, September 30, 2011

looking up

last night, we went out for a pizza dinner. sometimes it's not a good idea to order deep dish with 3 babies nearing bed time. so I left to take the girls out to the car while Babe got the 'za to go. as soon as we stepped outside, we were greeted by this:
I'd never before seen an entire rainbow. it was gorgeous and the girls were beyond excited. Birdie was so nervous her dad would miss it and kept asking if she could run back in and grab him.
the most amazing thing, was that as we waited in the car, I watched as 3 different men walked out of the restaurant, stopped, put their stuff down, and snapped pictures of the rainbow. little girls getting excited over a rainbow seems pretty standard, but 3 grown men stopping to admire it really warmed my heart.
I hope everyone has an amazing weekend ❤

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