Thursday, September 1, 2011

new g.p.

scooch over, iCarly, 'Fashion Story', Snackwell's Devil Food Cookie Cakes, and Chris Brown's "Forever"...momma's got a new guilty pleasure.

my girl K. Rod (did I just make that up?!? genius.) introduced me to Suri's Burn Book, and I am obsessed. it is described as: A study in Suri and the celebrities who disappoint her.

it will not disappoint you. I read every single post in bed last night and was laughing out loud. each time, Babe would ask, "What's so funny?" and I just said, "Suri."

if you're in the mood to laugh at the expense of celebrity children...

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Kristen said...

Hahaha!!!! Don't you love it??? But I have to give Heather credit, she is responsible for bringing this into my life and I seriously can't thank her enough.I did the same thing, reading every post and laughing so hard after every one of them. I will now be checking out what smart, observant Suri has to say as religiously as I read your blog. Which is every 5 minutes:)