Wednesday, October 5, 2011

corn mazes and cuss words

(I feel so Southern using the word "cuss"...I love it)

this morning I took the babies with me to meet Birdie and her class on a field trip. we went to the cutest pumpkin farm. it was so adorable. the weather was great, the kids had an amazing time,

(my niece had her picture taken in this same cut-out when she still had a chubby little baby face and I died laughing every time I would see it. when Birdie put her face through, I wanted her to reenact her cousin's expression, but I think the sun was too bright or something...)

and then I spotted this and my week was made:

you see, when my family and I went to visit the relatives in Australia, we stayed with my uncle who had one of these as his pet. it was the nastiest thing that you'd never care to meet. it would hang out on the veranda all day, and holler out at us and scare us as we walked by. at night, however, they moved this guy into the veranda bathroom. I was scared to death to use the bathroom after he was brought in for the night. he would scream obscenities and rattle his cage like he was going to escape and attack. I don't think any of us felt comfortable using the bathroom alone past a certain hour...except for Grandma.

one night Grandma went in to use the facilities and the bird started in as usual. I think he said something along the lines of, "Hey bitch." followed by the rattling and flapping around that terrified us all...until Grandma shouted, "AWWWW SHUT UP!"

and he did. 'cause you learn early on: you just don't mess with Grandma. oxoxo

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Kit O'Leary said...

don't MESS with granny!
xoxox <3 xoxoxo