Monday, October 24, 2011

coyote chickens and other Trishyisms

last week in school, Birdie was asked to invent an animal.
she created a coyote chicken:

m'man and I thought it was genius and when Mother came over to watch the babies, we showed her and all had a good laugh.

saturday Birdie and I had a girls day while the little ones napped. we went to the mall where the Bird tried hot cocoa for the first time...

and we talked. she's at such an amazing age right now, because our conversations are real and interesting. she asks questions about everything, she opens up about things she's thinking about, and she wants to know all about me when I was a little girl.

(it's weird because that has always been my favorite too. I want to hear all about Mother and Father when they were growing up, but for some reason I always still picture my sibs and myself are there somehow. like we're just hanging around waiting for our parents' to grow up and acknowledge us. I think Birdie sees it the same way because when I tell her about things I used to do she will say, "and I was just a little bitty baby then?" it's like you just can't believe your parents' ever could have lived before you came along...)

so anyway, in the midst of our conversation, my Bird tells me that Trishy (Mother) told her that coyote chickens are real. she said they make the sound: OWWWWWWWWWWOOOO~CLUCKCLUCKCLUCK. I told her they're not really real, because they are her invention. but she insisted that Trishy said. I told her sometimes Trishy gets a little crazy. I thought it would be left at that, but Birdie wanted to know other crazy things Trishy says and does.

I told her when I was little, Trishy told us that she really wanted to name us all either BoRics or Nicodemus. (this one always made me so mad) and that one time she told us that Father was going to carry the Bible into church naked. (I think this one made everyone so mad, but Birdie loooooved it and wanted to hear it over and over again and belly laughed each time)
then we called Chi to see if she could remember any other craziness. she told Bird that Trishy used to give us gifts but sign them from the Boogie Man. when I asked Magee, she reminded me that Mother would sometimes randomly tell us we weren't going to have Christmas that year. (even more so than our Father walking around naked in public, this one enraged us all...and I actually think she still tries to pull it out from time to time)

there are soooooo many more that I've forgotten, but I'm going to ask around the family and have them relay all the stories to baby Bird. I know she won't forget; she's got a memory like an elephant...or maybe a coyote chicken...
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Erika Duffey said...

I really love Ma's creativity with the use of not one, but two capital letters in the name BoRics. Such a stunning name! :).

Kit O'Leary said...

she used to tell us how much she looked forward to sending us to the convent. then she made it come true for me! all along i thought she was goofin' on us. silly Trishy.