Thursday, October 20, 2011

finding out.

a week from today, we will (hopefully) find out the sex of this new baby! I'm so excited!! I am so torn between feeling boy vs. girl and I just want to know! with the Bird, I knew knew KNEW that she was a girl. I just felt it and never had any doubt. with Mais, I convinced myself we were having a boy even though I didn't have any strong feeling either way, and with was anyone's guess!

this time around, I am taking in everyone's predictions, old wives tales, random signs etc. and I'm left with this:

it may be a girl because:
~according to an old wives tale (and my doctor, surprisingly) women do tend to be more sick and less attractive with girls. if this is true, this baby is ALL as girly as one could possibly be...because I have never looked worse. truly. it's getting embarrassing.
~m' man thinks it's a girl. now he may just be psyching himself out, but I feel like he's pretty good at gender guessing.
~Mother says she's thinking 'girl'
~my best friend/baby's godmother is usually wrong in her gender guesses, and has been referring to baby as "he" ;)

it may be a boy because:
~Birdie says it is, and she was right with both her sisters.
~according to this article, our chance of having a boy after 3 girls is 52.7%
~my mother-in-law is convinced it's a boy
~I am not eating ice cream every night like I did with the girls
~best friend/godmother had a dream that it was a girl ;)
~my feeling is more boy than girl...but I think this is based solely on Bird's prediction, as I trust her guess more than anything

so that's where I'm at. I would obviously be thrilled either way

*I am constantly asked if we're "trying for that boy" or are we "gonna stop if we get our boy" and I can HONESTLY say, I couldn't care less. I would love love love another girl and I would love love love a little boy. we are not shooting for any boy:girl ratio and boy or girl, we hope to have more babies ☺♥

so what do you think?! girl, girl, girl...???


Anonymous said...

see what this says:

go back and check for Bird, Mais, and Eenie.....and then check for the newest bundle of joy.


Suzanne said...

Hmmm...I'm not feeling a strong inclination either way yet, though I'm usually always right about these things. Intuition, if you will. I wish you had fb so you could see the ridic commentary re the sex of Kiki's bebe (who I am convinced is a girl). Let me simmer on this for a bit and I'll let you know ;)

SJC said...

I think it's a girl! You have a track record at this point!

Bre said...

SOOOOO Happy for you either way!!!