Monday, October 10, 2011

homecomings & keg stands & birthday breakfasts...oh my!

this past week/(end) was the best possible way.

thursday night, my man and I were asked to attend a homecoming dinner...50 years of past Carmel Catholic High School homecoming queens were honored (I proudly represented my class WHOOT WHOOT) was wonderful. the food was great and it was an amazing feeling to step outside of "mom" mode and have some adult time.

friday night, my Bird and I attended the homecoming game. all previous queens were announced before the big brought back so many fond memories of that night just a few short years ago when Father and brother JP escorted me onto the field before my senior homecoming game.
friday was a little bit rougher than my previous night, as young Birdie was exhausted and only lasted a short time. her tired little picture face says it all:(poor baby)

saturday was our baby Bird's big 5th birthday party...and somehow I didn't end up with 1 picture (?!?!?!) the kids seemed to have a blast, but it was once the little ones cleared out that the party really started. flippy cup competitions and keg stands turned our baby bash into a full blown frat party.

and monday...10/ babe's birthday!!!! we kicked it off by taking her out for a special birthday breakfast of rainbow pancakes:, and ended it with a special cookie (compliments of Aunt Erin) and many many special birthday wishes:

my baby is 5...someone slap me.


Kit O'Leary said...

i'll slap ya, hun. BAAAAAAAAAAA!

Kit O'Leary said...

you look beautiful in the pic with your boyfriend. <3