Monday, October 17, 2011

t.v. themes (and some Skid Row for your monday)

saturday night, m' man and I spent some time watching (and re watching) our favorite t.v. themes. we discovered...

man child's favorite is:

my favorite is:

and our joint loves include:
on one of our family roadtrips when I was younger, my older bro told us that the song '18 and Life' by Skid Row was, in fact, about Ricky Schroder. he told us that Ricky killed his buddy Alfonso, and explained that's why Alfonso started looking different in the show. I remember someone (probably me as I was so astute) asking, "Isn't his friend in the Fresh Prince now?" but it was explained to us that that was actually just his brother. and because he is our older brother and always knows everything and would never fabricate a story about something as beloved as Ricky Schroder, we believed him. I don't even remember when we realized the truth, but whenever I listen to '18 and Life' (and I do a lot) I always think of that story.

don't do it, Ricky.


Erika Duffey said...

I seri can't handle this!! Hahaa! I think I sent this post to like 10 ppl today bc this story must be shared with the masses.

Kit O'Leary said...

Kev also told us that when Ricky killed him he was wearing a jacket made entirely of jelly bracelets. Either an item Kev was dreaming of for himself or his sure fire way of capturing our undivided attention clever and plan went off without a hitch (minus one question from Mo, easily silenced).