Thursday, November 17, 2011

date with Dad

this past Sunday, my Father and I were able to go to church and breakfast...the two of us~alone. this is so rare and it is my favorite favorite day of recent. there is nothing quite so special as a day (or just a couple hours) alone with your dad.

Birdie was lucky enough to experience this tonight when her dad took her rollerskating.

while Babe and Bird partied at the roller rink, Mais, Eenie and I partied at home. apples, hairbrushes, shades, and 'don't photograph me' looks: we were just like rockstars.


Alexia said...

Your babies are adorable!!! The only request I have for this blog is that there be more photos of Maureen Erin. She is so pretty in that red lipstick. I also don't believe her eldest is 5-years old because just yesterday Miss O'Leary and I were struttin down the halls of BMS.

A. E. said...

Sounds like so much fun!
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whatever said...

Pictures are so cute