Wednesday, November 30, 2011

healthy, wealthy & wise wednesday ★new feature ★

~the healthy~

I've started and and given up countless times on changing the way my family eats. this time it's for real. I consider myself to be somewhat of an adventurous eater, Mais and Eenie to be fairly good eaters, but the man and the Bird are the most stubborn most picky eaters I've ever known. pasta, pizza, and steak are their three staples, and this monotony can drive a lady crazy.
I have tried before and been somewhat successful with adopting the "sneaky" route in cooking. pasta sauces (gravy for the italianos) is one of the easiest places I've found to sneak in vegetables, but I really want to teach us all a new way of eating. without hiding fruits and veggies in things I know they will eat, I'd rather they know what they're eating and learn to like at least a few of these good for you foods.
today though, is about me. as adventurous as I may be, I feel like I use my pregnancies (the fatigue, the ravenous appetite, the cravings...) to indulge in ways I know aren't healthy. a lunch of chocolate covered graham crackers may sound fun to some, but when you fill up on those and then feel like a fat lazy blimp it's not such a barrel of monkeys. so what I've found to be the best thing I can do for myself is to plan ahead.
when I come home tired and hungry (me so cold and hungie) the last thing I want to do is take the time to prepare something to eat. even just cutting up an apple sounds like a chore, so I will resort to something in a box. but! if there is something delicious and healthy like Magee's amazing black bean salad already made and waiting, you bet I will go for it over anything.
it's so easy to prepare a salad, and it will typically last me about 3 days. this black bean salad is my favorite by far.

for mine, I use: an herb salad blend, an avocado, a can of black beans, a fresh jalapeno, grape tomatoes, and limes. no dressing needed, I just squeeze a lime or two over the top and it's delicious and filling.

now eat your good food, honeys. you're looking too skinny.


whatever said...

I miss your blog, so here I am catching up! The salad looks good and may I have the recipe, please!

Kit O'Leary said...

Father always says you can never be too rich or too skinny. =D