Saturday, November 26, 2011

house guest

for years I've searched for a faux deer head like this:
I had my heart set on a lucite or glass mount, but the prices were incredible. typically when I envision something, I want it exactly how I see it in my head. no deviation. but for some reason when I came across this little guy,
I saw something I liked.

I contacted Kristin, the owner of Lucy Haus Transformed Treasures, to see if she could create a gold deer friend to live with us.
(I told the family I commissioned an artist to create a gilded deer mount special for our home; this kind of thing makes me feel regal, and I like that.)

Kristin was amazing and the following week we welcomed our new house guest:

he is warm and cute and friendly; we couldn't be happier with our new roommate.

and judging from his little sideways smile, I'd say he's just as happy with us.

welcome, friend.


Amanda Hodges said...

I love it! So cool looking.

Maggie O'Leary said...

I want one! I'm so jelly...