Thursday, November 3, 2011

the switch witch

I. love. Halloween. love it. I love that it is the gateway to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love that it is completely centered around kids. I love that it gives people the freedom and push to be as crazy as they want to be. I love that my kids love it. I love it.

even the candy.

for a little bit.

then the novelty wears off.

and it's just candy.

this year, the switch witch will be visiting us. tomorrow I am going to let the girls pick out 3 pieces of candy that they really really want and we will leave the rest in a big bowl outside our door. saturday morning when they wake up, the candy will be ~poof~ gone and they will each receive a small present.

it'll be a good trade.

for everyone ;)
(cut to me laughing maniacally--melted chocolate covering my face and hands)

1 comment:

Bre said...

I am loving the Switch Witch idea!!! I will use that! :)