Monday, December 5, 2011

family pride

growing up, I was always more than just a little jealous of my sisters. I felt that they both surpassed me in ways I just couldn't compete with. it embarrasses me now to look back and recall how difficult it was for me sometimes to share in the joy of their accomplishments. I secretly idolized them and wanted what they had and it made me a little bit crazy. (middle sisters are very bad people sometimes.)

I still and will always idolize my sisters, but now in ways that make me proud and not jealous. I see in each of them things that I couldn't do and I celebrate them.

my younger sister, has accomplished so much over the last year and I feel like she truly deserves to be celebrated. she has committed herself to her dreams and is pushing herself in every way she can to make something happen. as a co-host on the Jack Taylor Radio Show, a nationally published sports writer for Irish American News, a contributing journalist on Brady, and the creator of Maggie on Target and, Maggie is making our entire family proud...

and me a bit jeal again.


Kristen said...

ALL of you girls are so awesome!!! But after reading this and more about your sis, I am extremely impressed. She has her own website?!?!?!? Very cool.

whatever said...

Love you Mags!