Wednesday, December 7, 2011

healthy, wealthy & wise wednesday ★new feature ★

~the wealthy~

while I'm beginning to feel that my budgeting will be a life-long struggle, I have found a few fun ways to get back while spending.

my sewing club partner introduced me to Shopkick, the app that gives you "kicks" for simply walking into a store, for purchases made, or for scanning items within certain stores. it's like a game. you accumulate your kicks and can then cash them in on gift cards for hotels, restaurants, and a number of stores.

one of my favorite ways to get back is by shopping through Lucky Rewards. this is different than Shopkick in that you make a percentage off each purchase made through the website and at the pay out period, you're sent a money money!!! the number of participating merchants is HUGE, you just have to remember to log into the store you're shopping from through the Lucky Rewards site.

the easiest way I've found to get back is through U Choose Rewards. this is linked to our bank account, and literally every time I use my bank card, I gain points that we can put toward merchandise or money to put right back in our account. I love it!!

so I'm going to continue my work on budgeting and saving and blah blah blah, but I can also buy what we need and not feel entirely guilty because I'm getting hooked up ☺


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I want to get in that Lucky Rewards!

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