Monday, December 19, 2011

man~child monday *22 weeks 5 days*

baby seems good ☺

aaaaaanyway, today at Wal~Mart I may have found our biggest score of this Christmas season.

this guy:

marked down from like 60 USDs to 29. mind you, I was seriously considering buying him at 60 but have been waiting and waiting and man~child am I glad I did.

Elmo is one of those things I never thought I'd allow my kids to become fascinated/obsessed with, but as I've learned early on, they love what they want to love and that's that. last year it was Mais and this year, Eenie has taken over the Elmo infatuation. I can't wait for little Eenie to open her special Elmo gift this just 6 days. I can't believe Christmas is almost here!!!

let's rock, baby!

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Kit O'Leary said...

a one man band? Elmo can do errything. love that guy!